Wondering what are the differences among the types of printing we use?

We want to make sure you understand the printing method you are ordering for, what the differences are in each and how we decide which one to use.  

Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the oldest methods known for custom printing. The first step is we turn the design into stencils, one for each color in the design. Then right from the stencils, one at a time, ink is pressed through woven mesh onto the shirt. 
This printing technique is very affordable and super high quality, as the layers of ink stay full of color through time, even on darker fabrics

screenprinting custom tshirtsDigital Printing

Digital printing is best used on designs that feature a lot of color or detail, like full-color images or photos. With this method, we are able to deliver more detail and a finer layer of ink, compared to screen printing. 
To create the print, we process your design on the computer, then the printer applies ink directly into the surface of your shirt, so it comes across more like part of the fabric. The number of colors in your design does not affect the price of a digital print.

DTG digital printing for custom apparel

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