Getting up in the morning? Going to work? Leaving the house? Everyone must get dressed and everyone likes a comfy tee. You could be taking advantage of these simple facts to market your business using customized apparel, in particular rad customized t-shirts from Inkpop! Built to inspire and celebrate creativity, custom t-shirts represent fresh silhouettes that are not only stylish but support the new American luxury trend of flaunting your style with awesome tees. Customized t-shirts help your business stand out in today’s moving-a-mile-a-minute and competitive business world. 

marketing business custom t-shirtsBusinesses, just like the stellar humans behind the machine, are all individuals and unique in their own right with their own mission but let’s be real, all businesses have one thing in common- they want to be successful and the best way in doing so is to stand out. Just like pineapples are the magical unicorn of fruit, custom t-shirts for business ARE the magical unicorn of advertising, stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside. And guess what, if this analogy speaks to you, we have a custom design lab ready for you to get started. 

Television, internet, and print ads are common practices, but they are far too expensive and not necessarily reliable; thus, marketing your business with t-shirts is a great strategy that is not only practical and budget-friendly but also sustainable.  

The idea that t-shirts are too casual for office attire and are best suited for out-of-the-office events or public-awareness campaigns is outdated. T-shirts DO have a place in the business world because not only does it reinforce pride in your company and create comradery in coworkers, it also acts as an advertisement for your company both on and off the clock. 

On the marketing side of things, creating your customized business t-shirt does not need to be a daunting task. We are here to assist you on leveling up your next venture! When it comes to the how-to’s of customizing, it’s straightforward: print your logo or slogan on one of our high-quality shirts and that’s it. Let this new fashion statement be your mission statement since everyone who passes you, your employees, clients, or family and friends, will become aware of your company. Likewise, if your mission is to raise awareness about an upcoming event or sports team, then everyone will know that you mean business by designing a custom t-shirt that not only looks fresh but encourages cutting edge, community-building vibes. 

company t-shirts brand custom teesAt Inkpop, we have a team of veterans in the custom printing shirt business. We will stop at nothing in order to provide you with top-notch quality, timely deliveries and budget-friendly options. We take pride in our work! Our art department reviews each design prior to printing in order to ensure the artwork quality and placement yield a customized print that meets both our standards and yours.

Give us a call or send us an email – we’d love to hear from you! 


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