Inkpop’s design lab is your domain where you can bring to life the creations you want, the way you want in a budget-friendly, customer-service-attentive and professional environment. 

No passwords or secret codes are required to enter the design lab, all you need is a device at your fingertips and we supply the rest. We are here to collaborate with you- helping to not only inspire your design, but bring it to life guaranteed with fast delivery and free shipping

design lab clipart templatesIn this hectic and crazy world, we want to streamline the design and overall process; thus. Enter the design lab by clicking the “Start Designing” button located on the upper right-hand corner of our homepage’s header as well as on our homepage’s banner and footer. 

That’s it! You are in! Now this is where the fun begins. To make the process all fun with zero fuss, we have outlined the following steps to help you navigate through the Design Lab like the pro that you are.  The same steps can be used when it comes to designing the front, back, left-side angle and right-side angle of the product. 

  1. Add product: initially you will be guided to design your own t-shirt but remember we are not here to stunt your creativity so feel free to click “Change Product” to be redirected to all our products ranging from tank-tops to hoodies. Once you’ve selected your product it’s time to select a color, order quantity and add an optional special note indicating artwork instructions, pms coloring, etc. 
  2. Upload Your Design: customizing t-shirts made easy! Here you can drag and drop or browse files on your device to upload and position your desired design. Keep in mind that if you are uploading a design, the files need to be a jpg, jpeg, bmp, png, eps, ps or pdf. 
  3. Add Text: if you don’t have a design on hand, this is your moment to become Picasso! Click the “Add Text” option to do just that- add text. Once you’ve typed in your chosen word or phrase, you have the option to pick your favorite font, color and align as well as position said text. 

Remember, the Design Lab is not only a budget and user-friendly environment, but it is a domain that encourages you to live out your inner artist so why not give Clipart a try when it comes to designing your custom t-shirt.

  1. Add Clipart: the first thing that comes up when clicking “Add Clipart” is categories. Feel free to select one of our pre-themed categories or browse the search bar for something more specific. Afterwards, edit the clipart design’s size, color, and direction/position to your preference. Once the design turns out exactly as you want, play around with placing it in the most spot-on location on the t-shirt. Keep in mind that the genie in this whole customizing magic is that you can layer designs as well so feel free to exercise your creativity and bring to life your company’s designs dreams. Now it’s ready to be printed! 

We echo the theme of ease within all aspects of our atmosphere- there is no minimum quantities and no set up fees, the price you see when placing your order is the price you’ll pay- we aren’t here to waste your time nor money. We are veterans in the custom printed shirt business and are available five days a week to support you! Our art department reviews each and every design prior to printing to ensure that artwork quality and placement yield a customized print that meets not just our standards but yours as well!

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