So, you’ve decided you want a custom piece- awesome! Now the fun starts as you get the chance to unleash your inner designer – but don’t worry we are here to help you along the way.

Design to Garment Printing Inkpop Blog DTG

Direct-to-garment, or DTG printing is a method that sprays the ink directly onto the garment using inject technology. The fibers of the garment soak up the ink to give you a crisp and sharp-looking design. Think about how ink soaks onto paper when you are printing, same exact ideology here, your design is just showing up on a rad piece of clothing versus an 8” X 11” sheet of paper. Seems too good to be true? Nope, it really is that simple! 

Design to Garment Printing Inkpop Blog DTG

DTG printers offer extensive color options. Thus, you can print as detailed a design as your heart desires and photorealistic images as well with almost no color limitations, so let your inner Picasso out! DTG printing is easy and completely hassle-free which is a major perk for businesses who want their products perfect for customers. DTG enables order fulfillment on-demand with up-front cost, so not only is your design as transparent as you want, but so is our business practice.

To summarize DTG:

  • Can be used for low quantity orders at reasonable prices
  • Fees are upfront so no setup costs
  • Can print extremely detailed designs with gradients, shading, or many colors 

Design to Garment Printing Inkpop Blog DTG

Why settle for mediocre when your inner artist can bring to life your greatest masterpiece with the ease of a simple click and an upload. When it comes to quality there is no comparison- you deserve the best! Direct to Garment printing not only saves time but headaches as well! The design process is putting ink directly onto the clothing, so it doesn’t get much more hassle-free than that.

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