Why just dress up for special occasions when any day of the week can and is a reason for celebration? When it comes to fashion, you have three main goals: it must be affordable, comfortable and match your style. We’ve got you covered with our high-quality, budget-friendly products that are unique to your style because you get to determine that style. You are your own fashion stylist and designer- rock it! 

What better way to mix business up with a little fun- whether it be a walking advertisement to grow your brand or simply an eye-catching design with a catchy pun and tagline. Feeling a little stuck with where to start? We got you- let’s start with what day of the week it is. Here are some tips for adding a little spunk to your days with a customized t-shirt.


Got the Monday Blues? Let’s add some positivity to those blues and consider a tag line such as: “May your coffee be strong and your Mondays short” layered on top of a blue tee. Still not feeling the motivational Monday vibes? How about the concept that “If Mondays were presents, I’d like a full-price return” or “Coffee is the best Monday motivation that exists” with a graphic of a larger-than-life mug serving up a steaming French roast. 

Monday - T-Shirts Made for Everyday of the Week


Treat Yo’Self Tuesdays! Be thoughtful to yourself and consider the tagline “Treat Yo’Self” printed on top of a graphic of a sprinkled donut, plate of cheesy nachos or a glass of champagne. If you’d rather spread some patriotic support, remember that election days are held on Tuesdays so the tagline of “We Lead on Tuesdays” with a graphic of a ballot ticket is always a winner.

Tuesday - T-Shirts Made for Everyday of the Week


We could all use a little Wednesday Wisdom so why print your favorite quote such as “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. -Milton Berie” alongside a graphic of a door or even a light bulb shining to represent an ‘ah-ha’ moment. Not feeling the wisdom but simply stoked that it’s hump day, consider getting playful with the tagline of “Happy Hump Day” under a graphic of a camel or if a natural landscape is more of your style, consider a graphic of rolling hills. 

Wednesday - Sweatshirts Made for Everyday of the Week


Depending on whether you are feeling Thoughtful or Thirsty on Thursdays, we’ve got you covered. If you are feeling more mindful, consider customizing a t-shirt with the quote “In a world where you can be anything. Be Kind” alongside a graphic of a mudra such yogic prayer/namaste hands. If you are feeling more inclined to get the weekend party feels started, then consider printing “#thirstythursday” on top of a happy hour graphic such as two beer mugs cheers-ing. 

Thursday - T-Shirts Made for Everyday of the Week


Has Friday not officially been changed to FriYAY yet? Let’s keep the positive momentum going with a simple custom t-shirt that reads “FriYAY” alongside a graphic that evokes joy such as a paradise sun with shades on smiling. It’s always awesome to start the weekend off with scrumptious snacks so why not customize a t-shirt with a large order of fries graphic layered underneath the term “FRYday!”

Friday - T-Shirts Made for Everyday of the Week

When it comes to the weekend, it’s the time to kickback, relax and be worry free. 


Now it’s time to celebrate and have a little fun so feel free to spread the festive vibes with a comfy t-shirt that reads “This is my party shirt” layered on top of a margarita or disco ball design. 

Saturday - T-Shirts Made for Everyday of the Week


Self-care Sunday- the most important day of the week! Try supporting a more laid-back approach with the phrase “If it requires pants or a bra, it’s not happening today.”

Sunday - T-Shirts Made for Everyday of the Week

We all need a pick-me up to get us through the week sometimes and we’re here to keep you inspired and fashionable.

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