Keeping price levels low and your level of satisfaction and happiness high is a part of our mission! We pride ourselves for stopping at nothing to provide you with the highest quality customized garments that are not only delivered on time, but friendly to your wallet. In order to live up to our end of the bargain, we wanted to share some additional tricks of the trade for keeping your customized garment prices as low as possible without compromising quality. 

Design with Fewer Colors

Let your design or logo standout and speak for itself while layered on top of a blank canvas or in this case, a white tee. Color impacts the price of your customized tee. Printing on light-colored shirts is less expensive than printing on darker shades. Thus, printing on white tees is your lowest cost option

Highest quality friendly to your wallet

The More the Merrier (with quantity of course)

You love your customized tee so why not spread the love to all- not only are you spreading good vibes, but you are staying within your budget. Ordering in bulk gives you a volume discount.

Bottom line: the more shirts you order, the less expensive it is per shirt. You would be surprised to know how quickly a quote for five customized white tees drops 68% in cost when you bump it up to 15 tees.

Hop onto our site and experiment with the quoting (experimenting is ALWAYS free) in our design lab and you’ll end up pleasantly surprised with the quantity of quality you can receive at lower prices than expected. 

Your logo T-shirt

Your Style Matters

We want to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck so we make sure to provide you with price transparency in every aspect of our business! Keep in mind that most often, starting off with a hoodie product will be more expensive per unit than a tee shirt, crew neck as well as muscle tank products lie somewhere in the middle of the price per unit spectrum. Again, we invite you to play around with the features that work best for your vision and business in our Design Lab

Hoodie and T-shirt

Be Flexible with Deadlines

The early bird catches the worm and, in this case, ends up with more money saved. We offer free 9-day delivery guaranteed. Thus, if possible, plan and place your orders in advance to take advantage of this 100% off discount! 

If you need any further consultation, our team of design experts is here to help so please reach out anytime.

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