When taking on a new adventure it is normal to get a little nervous and even need guidance no matter how exciting it is. Thus, we are here to not only offer consistent and friendly customer service, but better t-shirt designs to streamline the overall conception to execution process for you. Our tips are here to help you steer clear of any creative roadblock and frustration you may hit. 

Product Style

Recycling systems and water-based inks are just the beginning of our better goods to better the environment journey. How and when you plan on rocking your customized threads affects the type of custom design you decide to put on it. The options are endless when it comes to affordable and comfortable cotton. T-shirts are our most popular product item, but we offer unisex tank tops, long-sleeve and tagless shirts, zippered jackets, hoodies and crew-neck sweatshirts

High quality design


Colors bring your design to life. It is important to ensure that the colors of your design complement the color of the product such as a t-shirt itself and vice versa. If your design uses a lot of vivid and saturated colors, it will usually come out sharper on lighter-toned products rather than darker shirts. Likewise, designs that use solid colors come out clearer than designs with shaded colors and gradients. 

When working together, we are a collaboration of artists. Thus, our artists are here to help you match the colors of different elements in your design. When we notice that a design contains text that is slightly different from the color of the image, we alter the design so that the colors match perfectly. But again, nothing is set in stone so to request that we match colors to various parts of your design, utilize the “Add Notes” feature in the design lab to describe and outline which colors you would like us to match. 

Picture/Design Quality

Vector files will produce the highest quality results. For non-vector files, upload an image with at least 150 dots per inch. As a rule of thumb, the higher quality the image you upload, the higher quality of results. In relation to artwork specifications, accepted file formats are raster images: png, jpg/jpeg, gif and bmp, vector images: eps, ps, and ai, and photoshop images: tif/tiff. 

Our standard maximum print size is 14 inches wide by 16 inches tall, but keep in mind that the maximum size will vary depending on the print location. Again, in our design lab, you have the option of designing not just the front of the product, but the back as well as the right-side angle and left-side angle (aka sleeves). 

Printing Specifications

Remember, we are here to support you and bring your vision to life so if you are uncertain as to whether you’ve perfectly centered or positioned your design, don’t give it another thought. Simply attach a note to the order in the “Notes” section of the design app to confirm that you would like to center your design. 

Along with affordable products, prompt delivery, and responsible customer service, happiness is guaranteed with Inkpops so please feel free to reach out to us to help you with any of your customizing needs!

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