Social distancing has changed the way we carry out various activities. While remote work has been around for a while, virtual celebrations are just starting to become popular. Whether you are planning to celebrate a graduation or grandma’s 90th birthday, we would like to inspire you with some amazing T-shirt ideas to make your coming celebrations memorable.

Virtual bachelorette party

Just because you and your BFFs could not travel for a weekend, does not mean you should completely forget about your bachelorette party. Some of the best ideas for a remote party include fun games, music, and matching outfits.

Designing a bride squad matching outfit should be easy and inexpensive. We prepared some cute matching T-shirt ideas so you and your girls could feel part of the celebration despite social distancing. Send each girl an awesome matching T-shirt to wear for the virtual event and don’t forget to have fun.

custom bachelorette party shirts

Joining “virtually together” to celebrate life

For people who usually practice sports or enjoy group hobbies, social distancing could be a little hard during these times. But, there is no reason why we can still gathering all together, take the initiative as this group of musicians did at this amazing online acapella performance.

A T-shirt is a perfect garment to make you feel part of the tribe, besides being cozy and customizable. Take a look at these club tee ideas, we are sure you will find inspiration for your next design.

custom printed shirts for virtual meetings

 Celebrating with your office friends

Back in regular days, we used to spend a big part of our time working in offices, now it’s time to return to those hallway chats with colleagues and a remote cup of coffee.

working from home custom shirts

Working from home favorite outfits include sweatshirts, hoodies, and of course T-shirts. Check these garment ideas for your daily work and casual meetings. We are sure your team will feel closer and comfy.

Start customizing your T-shirts for your virtual celebration easily while you make everybody feel part of the celebration. We would love to see your ideas. Good luck!

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